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Sept 7, 1997 - April 24, 2009

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Ch. Briggsdale Penny McGee (OFA GOOD) 

Dam of Lady, Max & Holly

Penny was shown totally owner conditioned and handled. She was our first show dog. Many thanks to Dick & Glenna Briggs for letting us have the opportunity to own and show this wonderful girl. She was a delight to live with, always a "lady" right to the end. She is greatly missed.




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Ch. Briggsdale CS Win'D Day (OFA GOOD)

Windy was shown owner handled and conditioned. Once again thanks to Dick & Glenna Briggs for trusting us with this beautiful girl. She is now a pampered pet and companion with her own "doggy door". She delights her owner with her comical antics. Her owner has told me that due to her work, she is out of town from time to time and her nephew comes by several times a day to play and romp with Windy. It didn't take her long to figure out that she can safely be gone for 2 nights and that she needed to be home by the 3rd night or Windy would become very creative on what she could get outside through her doggy door. She has come home to find pillows, cushions, towels as well as anything else that Windy could get through the door, outside in the backyard. Those items not fitting through the door were piled up beside it. She also likes to rearrange the furniture.




  CH. Cornerstone's Lady Briggsdale 

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Lady finished her Championship under Judge Dorothy Nichols with a Best of Winners. She was exclusively handled and conditioned by her owner Michele Foley. Lady and Michele have made quite a team. She is Michele's first show dog ever. Lady is now Michele's pampered pet.


Goes Best of Breed at the Nolan River Kennel Club show under Judge Denny Mounce in Jan 2006



Ch. Cornerstone's Heart's Afire (OFA GOOD)

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Max finished his Championship by going Best Of Opposite Sex over Specials under Judge Gary Doerge at the Mesquite, TX shows in Dec 2005. Max was shown and conditioned by his owners along with a little help from his good friend Chris Hallock. He is a super house pet and keeps us in constant laughter at his comical antics! Since finishing his show career, Max has moved to the Tulsa area where he gets to go on several weekly runs and when his family has to work, Max goes to "doggy day camp" to romp and play with his many new friends.


Ch. Briggsdale Misty Cornerstone (OFA GOOD)

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Holly was shown and finished from the Bred By Exhibitor Class. She is a very sweet girl who likes to snuggle. She is a great "mouser" and keeps the out buildings free of the vermin, making "gifts" of her catches. She was bred to Ch. Briggsdale Squire McGee (OFA GOOD) producing 11 puppies in March 2006. We will be showing one of those puppies. She was bred in June 2007 to Ch. Jubilee Buster Keaton producing 7 puppies, 3 of which are waiting their turn in the show ring. She was bred in late 2008 to Ch Kyna's Zoom Zoom Zoom, aka "Coupe". Producing 4 puppies, 2 are waiting for their turn in the show ring.


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