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About us....We met Dick & Glenna Briggs way back in the early 80's when we were looking for an Airedale puppy to become a part of our family. We purchased a female from them and named her Wendy. She quickly became a big part of our lives and a great baby-sitter for our 2-year-old son. We had her for 4 wonderful years before she was stolen from our yard never to be returned. It was late 1997 before we decided that we were ready for another Airedale, once again we contacted the Briggs and they had a litter on the ground. I went to see them and one of the females "picked" me to be her person. She became CH. Briggsdale Penny McGee and my constant companion. When we bought her, the plan was for Dick to show her to her AKC Championship, no problem with us on that note. We made several trips back and forth to their place so they could see how she was maturing. She matured very well and the time came for Dick to start showing.  Only problem was that I had not realized that she needed to live there so he could groom this time Penny & I were nearly inseparable and under no circumstances was I leaving her there.  It was at that point in time that I told Dick he was going to have to teach me how to groom so she could stay at home with me (I had no idea what I was getting into!). I now know why Dick was most agreeable to that and began teaching me to groom...little did I know what was about to take place.  Penny & I made many trips back & forth to Holliday, TX while I was learning to groom. We entered our first show and didn't really do as well as I thought we would.....but we stuck it out and a couple of months later earned our first point. Penny loved to be in the show ring and was easy to show. With Dick & Glenna's help we finished her Championship and bred our first litter. Since that time we have finished or helped to finish 6 Airedales (3 of which we bred) and currently have several waiting their turn on the sidelines.

We added the Welsh to our household in 1999. We acquired a male from for the Briggs who became Briggsdale CS Mi 'T Joe Young, aka Festus. He turned out to be quite a pill after earning several points towards his championship so we decided to end his show career. He has sired 2 champions for us, Ch. Tollgate Roc'N Cornerstone, co-bred with Becky Eterno, and Ch. Briggsdale Juliet. Festus resides in a wonderful home where he is doted on and much loved. Over the past couple of years we have helped to finish 5 other Welsh and have a couple waiting their turn.  

In the fall of 2007, we decided we needed some new blood in our kennel. After many phone calls, questions and discussions we got a puppy from Dianna Fielder, Kyna's Airedales. We had always admired her dogs and the things that she did and continues to do with them. The puppy we got is Kyna's Kiss And Tell At Cornerstone aka Rumor. She is wonderful addition to our home and we all have high hopes for this girl. Thank-you Dianna for having the confidence in us to let us have this beautiful girl! We have recently been entrusted with Kyna's Zoom Zoom Zoom aka Coupe. He is a big clown and tons of fun to have around.


Malon & Kim Ward

Kingston, OK

[email protected]


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